FLL Challenge Tournament

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Team 401 and NRRA will be organizing competition at Blacksburg High  School 

Saturday, March 2, 2024

SCRIMMAGE at Blacksburg High School during the FRC Event.  1:00-4:00 PM

FREE to register and participate

APPROXIMATE SCHEDULE - November 18, 2023
(subject to change)

The Masterpiece 2023-2024  season challenge has 15 missions plus a prompt for an innovation project


Due to limited availability this November 18th VT Football weekend, these wonderful hotels have offerings:

.   https://vc-gotomontva.com/places/ 

Stay tuned for a list when in-person events become normal again!


Concession sales of snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Teams should plan their own food.  Due to the VT Football game, please do not count on delivery or pick-up from local restaurants. 

Scroll down for Volunteer Information...

Coach advice: See this great article from a winning coach at our tournament in 2018 - 13 things that experienced coaches should know!


Volunteers are the key to inspiring today’s youth to become tomorrow’s innovators and technology leaders.  This FLL Tournament needs 70 people to help in technical or non-technical ways.  There is a volunteer role for you! Please directly contact the Event Coordinator to volunteer your enthusiasm and support!

FOOD - Volunteers are well-fed during this FLL Tournament.  Here is what we are serving and when.  If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know.  Friday Dinner; 

Saturday Breakfast - coffee, tea, juices, milk with Continental breakfast; 

Saturday Lunch - BHS Culinary Class will be baking up different types of lasgna.  Snacks and bottled water will be served throughout the day to keep volunteers energized!

UNIFORMS - Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  FIRST will supply volunteer shirts based on sign-up, tournament position and availability.  Please show your pride by wearing your business or organization shirt.  Most importantly, please wear a hat...the crazier the better!  



Team # & Team Name

38690 July Dragons

44219 BEES

46108 Night Owls

52615 Talented Turbo Turtles

54250 HLH Bees

57492 Lego Lizards

60131 Linkous Lego Masters

60133 Pulaski Panthers

60134 Critzer Critters

60135 Snowville Huskies

60289 Gigahertz

60372 Koding Kangaroos

60492 Rockin' Robo Roos

60877 R2DRoos

61009 Riverlawn Bumblebees

61010 Dublin Shamrocks

61228 Floyd FLL

63623 FBE Frogbotics 2023

25749 Incredi-belles

30485 FROGS

50453 Starfleet Computer Division

56466 Lancers

60716 Zoobotics

61830 Meadow of Dan